Juliet Alva had lived in Big Bay, Michigan since the day she was born – until the very January that she decided to change everything. She liked to think she had bigger aspirations, dreams that could only flourish outside of Big Bay – but, when one hit twenty-four years old and one had never left their home state before, one began to wonder about their aspirations and dreams. Luckily, nomadic Daksha Paracha was on her way to Big Bay to change everything.

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A modern retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein sees Victor Frankenstein as a young man in the 21st century, navigating a world that was never meant to have him in it. Joining him is Henry Clerval, a man for whom Victor feels more than friendship; Elizabeth Lavenza, a sister to Victor in all ways but blood; and the Creature, a monster created by Victor who quickly recognizes the horror of his own existence and takes matters into his own hands.

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There’s a lot of chaos in this world. There’s a lot of terrible things and horrible people and you have to confront that. It’s easier when you can fight back. Join the characters in PHANTASMAGORIA, a collection of short stories about taking back what’s yours. Each story features characters during the strangest day of their life. Serial killers, ghosts, vampires, murderers, werewolves, cults, witches, bitches, and so much more await you within the pages of this assemblage of dark comedies.

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WHEN SHE SAW WHAT SHE HAD DONE is a series of narrative poems detailing Lizzie Borden’s life, her spiral into madness, the murder of her father and stepmother, and her life after the murders.

In a collection of thirty-five poems, subtitled THE BALLAD OF LIZZIE BORDEN, Nicole Mello cleverly and vividly tells the story of a young woman whose life falls apart around her head and whose idea of a deep, true love is a hard, gruesome violence.

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