Launching merchandise on Redbubble, starting with an original design, Isn’t It Necromantic?, to honor those among us who know how it feels to lose someone you love so much that you’d do absolutely anything to bring them back…

Every Movie is Watchable: Joker

“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?” Life comes atcha fast, or: sorry I vanished, because life is chaos when you’ve got three jobs and you’re still trying to be creative and make your own shit. However, we’re not here for excuses: we’re here for movie reviews, and there’s no movie … Read moreEvery Movie is Watchable: Joker

When She Saw What She Had Done: The Ballad of Lizzie Borden (2019)

WHEN SHE SAW WHAT SHE HAD DONE is a series of narrative poems detailing Lizzie Borden’s life, her spiral into madness, the murder of her father and stepmother, and her life after the murders. In a collection of thirty-five poems, subtitled THE BALLAD OF LIZZIE BORDEN, Nicole Mello cleverly and vividly tells the story of … Read moreWhen She Saw What She Had Done: The Ballad of Lizzie Borden (2019)

4/27: “fresher”

the sweet fields and highway drives through long meadows and middle prairies, crackling radio and chorus of crickets, blazing sun and blast of wind through open windows. east coast becomes midwest becomes olympia, washington forest and south to california orange groves, desert, canyons, rivers, plantations, deep into the bayou, rural and filled with light. in … Read more4/27: “fresher”