4/29: “dawn”

hey, baby, put your hand in mine;
we used to be such scared children,
but here we are together,
we’ve made it, look how we’ve grown.

i will keep you safe here,
no matter the cost, be it my life;
you are my life, after all this,
here, at the end of the world.

you smell so sweet, even now,
roses and frost underneath smoke and blood,
and i could spend hours holding you
while we remember a life we could have had.

i love you, i love you, i want to love you,
i want to give you a home, children,
fire crackling in a castle hearth
while you live the life you’re meant to live.

tell me i mattered, at least to you,
that my last touch was not in vain,
and i’ll give you one last kiss
with blood on our teeth and tongues.

put your hand in mine, it’s okay;
i’ve loved you for years and i’ll love you after still;
a heart still holds its reason for beating
long, long after it stops.

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