4/28: “a page, turned”

sit here on the porch with me.
darling, i have something to tell you.
the stars are brighter than ever before.
i think tonight is an unusual night.

what makes it unusual?

the light in your eyes is brighter than all stars.
you are like a moon.

the moon’s light is a reflection of the sun.

then you are a sun, and i am a moon.

that’s never been true.

sit, sit here. i’m feeling strange.
i love you more than i ever have before.

and why is that?

i told you, tonight is an unusual night.
there’s so much to know and see and do.
have i told you i love you?

in so many words? yes.
several times, you’ve told me you’ve loved me
several times, and you keep telling me.
and i keep telling you.

because it’s so important.
it’s so important that you know how much.
neither of us will live forever, darling.

well, you can’t be too sure.
if anyone is stubborn enough to try it, it’s you.
and strong enough to succeed.
still you.

i would be miserable living forever.
especially if you didn’t.

what makes you think i won’t?

you’re right. we made it this far.
then we agree.

what did you want to tell me?

that the stars are brighter than ever before
and that i am desperately in love with you.

i knew that.

darling, you know everything.

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