4/27: “fresher”

the sweet fields and highway drives
through long meadows and middle prairies,
crackling radio and chorus of crickets,
blazing sun and blast of wind through open windows.

east coast becomes midwest becomes olympia,
washington forest and south to california orange groves,
desert, canyons, rivers, plantations,
deep into the bayou, rural and filled with light.

in the protected lands, there are stars,
galaxies, currents of cosmic color,
lying on your back in the dirt in a clearing,
the universe beyond your reaching fingertips.

ocean to ocean, each one the edge of the world,
sand and sky and grass and trees,
waves that soar over brave seafarers,
and back on the road before long.

america is sought and found in our smallest thing,
in laying in the breezy bed of a pickup
with another warm hand held in yours
and a smile knowing there will always be more.

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