4/26: “at a distance, on a bench”

here, come here, sit beside me,
i have so much to tell you,
so much i have seen that i want you
to have seen at my side.

here, take it, take my hand,
tell me what you’ve seen and heard,
remind me what our names are
and don’t let the others know.

here, say it, say everything now,
everything you’ve kept inside,
words we never thought to say
or thought were better left unsaid.

here, be mine, be with me,
i’ve had a long time to think about it
and i’m just not right without you
so you’d best stay for a while.

here, come here, sit beside me,
and we’ll look out as the sun sets
as it has done so many times before
and will, on us, many times again.

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