4/20: “major depressive”

scene: the fields pastoral,
rural prairie, dreamscape,
entrapments of the mind and body
clouding the whirring brains of the actors.

hazy, foggy thoughts,
limbs moving through water,
everything a farce, a pretend-game,
‘speak your lines to me and i’ll say mine back.’

real life, she’s so close,
she’s getting closer every day,
she’s awakening from her dream
and letting her heartbeat settle in reality.

she was not herself, before,
but let her be her now;
let her wake and find herself once more,
new, adult, yearning, finally, finally alive.

scene: the front porch,
hothouse flower allowed back outside;
planted, encouraged, and, at long last, watered,
she begins to bloom in the prairie sun, alive.

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