4/19: “predestination”

selfish patroclus,
how dare you keep the king from us,
golden-haired and strong-limbed,
just because you love him?

has he not a life string?
has he not a prophesied fate?
has he not been promised to the gods,
once he is finished among the mortals?

you may not take that from us,
that which you do not understand, patroclus,
for he is an ocean boy, godling,
and he belongs in the mountains and skies.

selfish, selfish patroclus,
release your nails from his bloodied forearms,
don his grand helmet on your human head,
take his place out there on blood-stained sand.

let him sob daggers over you,
let him swear vengeance over you,
let him make swift his own fate over you,
you, a mortal, useless meat, holding him back.

how dare you deign to love,
inconsiderate, thoughtless, greedy,
letting his feet fall in step with yours,
exposed heels forgotten in your devotion.

selfish, selfish, selfish patroclus,
join us in the shades, in the meadows,
sacrifice and pray that he joins you,
he who was made more human for your love.

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