4/18: “Redux”

Oh, beautiful for spacious skies,
for endless seas of blue,
for desperation, human cries,
hands reaching out to you!
America! America!
We lay our claim on thee!
And take thy woods sans brotherhood
from sea to shining sea!

Oh, beautiful for pilgrim feet,
who stomp down off their ships,
a European bastard fleet,
with demands on their lips!
America! America!
Sweep dust beneath your rugs!
Blacken thy soul with stolen coal!
for deified thieving thugs!

Oh, beautiful for heroes proved
the natives of this land,
who lived once freely, then removed,
on destiny’s demand!
America! America!
To false gods we do pray!
And lay the blame on His cruel name
as from His path we stray!

Oh, beautiful for patriot dream
of world untouched by hate!
Of purple mountain, flowing stream,
a country truly great!
America! America!
The natural promised land!
Return to good, with brotherhood,
the nation we could be!

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