4/17: “eye contact”

your only duty is to be
you are meant to be

you were born with two sisters
and they send a man
to relieve you of the pain
of mortal life

you, molested by poseidon
you, punished by athena
you, you, you, hiding in your cave
awaiting an end

disciplined without sin
you remain in your grotto
with echoing hiss
without touch of flesh

a golden spring brings him
his bronze shield around a corner
their divine sword beheading
the inside of a sack turns to stone

cetus dies by the same sword
and your eyes are revealed
once, and once again,
vengeance on vengeance on vengeance

you remain forever
on breastplate and shield
betrayed by those
who were meant to protect

gods are not
men are not

there is only you,
only you,
in your cave,
for a moment, alive

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