4/15: “antidote to poison”

coward, coward, coward!
revelations tells of a hell for you,
along with sorcerers and murderers,
as all three use special skills to take away
that which is not theirs!

you take and you take
from a world that is not for you!
you are inward, yellow, shrieking,
and the world spins on, unfamiliar,
because you do not have the eyes to see it!

pass your retina back and forth,
witches without prophecies,
shapes without edges, formless, wavering,
embodiments of phobos, fearful of all,
hesitant to take even a half-step!

you speak words in languages you don’t know!
you hate because it is simple,
and love is difficult, joy is a hardship,
especially for you, the coward!
you do not know to seek happiness!

it is easy to be terrible!
the terrible have it best, because they just are;
light and peace are hard work,
and you are weak, too weak to fight for it,
so you instead simply swallow up the dark!

you think yourself zeus!
you think yourself god-king, can do no wrong,
but zeus failed, too, failed every time,
because there were none left to trust!
you are sisyphus instead, doomed to fail!

take this as a lesson, judas, paris, peter:
you have no control here, weakened, starving,
and you have only served to make the hero
golden, in comparison to your spineless piss-yellow!
this story is not yours! this story is not yours!

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