4/5: “legacy (our last will and testament)”

to curiosity, the life-seeker:
we sent you alone to explore an empty world
and to discover if we were always alone;
remember you are not alone, because we made you.

to the voyagers, to explorer, the first of their kind:
you were the first gasps of air
after a lifetime with our heads under the water;
you carry our hearts and minds, a newborn’s first dream.

to the pathfinder, the survivor:
traveler to another world, deliverer of progress,
you outlived all of our hopes for you;
the pioneer who doesn’t know when to quit, so never do.

to spirit, to opportunity, the sisters:
you seek that which may once destroyed you
in assurance that you, like us, will get a second chance;
water-bringers, come home, and tell us we’re not doomed.

to discovery, the visionary:
enhancing our knowledge of a bustling universe,
you tell us of our potential and remind us of our strength;
we beg of you to never end, as we must never end.

to messenger, the outcast, we give this plea:
explore what we cannot, see what we cannot,
for you are named after what we need most of all;
carry with you who we were, and tell them, so we may live on.

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