The Modern Prometheus (2018)

Dr. Roberta Walton’s newest patient is assigned to her on March 15 — a presumed murder who suffered a psychotic break. Dr. Walton recognizes quickly that there has more to this story, so she interrogates him, a man by the name of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Her interviews are collected here, in the form of a narrative composed by Dr. Walton. Frankenstein describes his history in detail — his unfortunate childhood, his horrible experiments, and the fallout of decisions he could never fully understand. A tragedy of his own making, Frankenstein tells the story of his own life as it fell apart at the hands of the life he created.

A modern retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein sees Victor Frankenstein as a young man in the 21st century, navigating a world that was never meant to have him in it. Joining him is Henry Clerval, a man for whom Victor feels more than friendship; Elizabeth Lavenza, a sister to Victor in all ways but blood; and the Creature, a monster created by Victor who quickly recognizes the horror of his own existence and takes matters into his own hands.

Heart-wrenching, tragic, passionate, this book is in turns romantic, adventurous, emotional, and light-hearted. This story is a heartfelt look at love, loss, and the laws of nature that should never be broken.

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