OUT NOW: The Modern Prometheus

Folks, I could not be more excited about this, but The Modern Prometheus paperback is now available on Amazon! I wanted it to become available now because it’s available via Amazon Prime, so those who order it today should be getting it on Saturday, the same day the Kindle pre-orders are released.

It’s been a long road to releasing this book. When I started college, I reread Frankenstein – a little piece of who I had been to remind me what Halloween was supposed to feel like, honestly. Once I reread it, I started devouring all Frankenstein content once again. I started a blog solely about the book with a friend of mine. I wrote a truckload of fanfiction (the tag for Frankenstein on Archive of Our Own is almost solely populated by me, from 2014). Eventually, NaNoWriMo rolled along, and my best idea was to adapt Frankenstein.

Victor Frankenstein seemed, to me, to not only be a horrifying man, but a deeply complex one. His ideas about gender, science, life, and all sorts of different themes are so clinical and yet so based in the very human events that have shaped his life. In a world where Victor would be freer to explore these concepts, I wonder, how would he act? How would the people around him act? What would his Creature be like? These questions stuck with me, so I decided to write that adaptation.

It’s been almost four years since I wrote that first draft, and since then, I’ve been writing and editing and changing it almost nonstop. Every few months my loved ones would get another update, because I just couldn’t put this thing away. It gnawed at me, until, eventually, I wasn’t in school anymore, wasn’t in the same jobs, moved to Boston and became yet another new person. I reread The Modern Prometheus and found in it a little piece of who I had been, as well as a piece of who I was becoming. It was a big step for me.

Now, The Modern Prometheus is available to you, too. Victor Frankenstein is probably the most flawed narrator I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing, and I hope you enjoy his journey as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope this gives you a little piece of yourself, as well – the grounding in humanity Victor so desperately seeks. In the end, the story isn’t even so much about him as it is about those around him. The story is about people, about humans, about that desperation to cure death and find meaning in life.

You can find the paperback of The Modern Prometheus here on Amazon now!

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