ode to someone 238,855 miles away

i wish that i could change

the atmosphere of earth

and maybe tweak the gravity

or solve some differential equations

because i think i’d be good in space.


i can’t jump very high


so i don’t know how to get up there


because i am not strong

and i don’t like math so much

and i’ve never had 20/20 vision:


i have short little legs

and eyes that don’t work

and math that i hate.


so i think about the stars a lot.


and the moon.


and all those planets out there,

and all those galaxies,

and the aliens who want to shake my hand,

so i jump a little higher,


but i need less gravity,

or else i need to be better at math,

so i can kiss the moon on the lips

and tell her i’ve been thinking about her

for a long, long time

and what a pleasure it is to meet her.

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