4/30: “death-dealer”

sweet songbird on earth, lyre in hand— put your faith in the gods, boy, you are beautiful and beloved to … More

4/29: “dawn”

hey, baby, put your hand in mine; we used to be such scared children, but here we are together, we’ve … More

4/27: “fresher”

the sweet fields and highway drives through long meadows and middle prairies, crackling radio and chorus of crickets, blazing sun … More

4/24: “widower”

hey there, pretty face. i haven’t seen you in a couple years, have i? not since i put you under. … More

4/23: “brianne”

she sits in sunshine, resplendent, her garden flowering around her, a living golden-haired persephone, eye of her sweet flora hurricane. … More

4/22: “mass extinction”

stars, streak, hurtle past, i’m going home, at sweet long last— i’ve miles to go before i sleep, centuries long … More