4/25: “more than ninety-one years ago”

tell me some thing you know. what? anything. anything at all. our average life expectancy is fifty-eight years. mine isn’t. don’t. well, it isn’t. you can have my extras; i’ll live twenty-five years, and you’ll live to be ninety-five. you mean ninety-one. i won’t regardless. why? either we’re both ninety-one, or neither of us is. … Read more4/25: “more than ninety-one years ago”

4/21: “one brief, shining moment”

peering around a curtain, through the veil, there, the glittering city of camelot awaits, the king and queen on their thrones, on the dais, awaiting their last child. the king’s skull is cracked open, flesh peeling away from the jagged edges, brains erupting from the hole left behind, dripping down into a grinning, personable mouth. … Read more4/21: “one brief, shining moment”

4/20: “major depressive”

scene: the fields pastoral, rural prairie, dreamscape, entrapments of the mind and body clouding the whirring brains of the actors. hazy, foggy thoughts, limbs moving through water, everything a farce, a pretend-game, ‘speak your lines to me and i’ll say mine back.’ real life, she’s so close, she’s getting closer every day, she’s awakening from … Read more4/20: “major depressive”