4/20: “major depressive”

scene: the fields pastoral, rural prairie, dreamscape, entrapments of the mind and body clouding the whirring brains of the actors. hazy, foggy thoughts, limbs moving through water, everything a farce, a pretend-game, ‘speak your lines to me and i’ll say mine back.’ real life, she’s so close, she’s getting closer every day, she’s awakening from … Read more4/20: “major depressive”

4/16: “because it lasts”

darling, bastard, sweetheart, enemy, brother-in-arms, last man on earth, is this all our fault? has our final breath, exhalation of humanity, led us to this, our armageddon? days become weeks become years on the other side of death, afterlife, things mean less and less each passing day; whether or not we spoke then or speak … Read more4/16: “because it lasts”

4/14: “mercy, mercy”

the glint of an eye, a flash of wrong-direction silver, “how can i help you? oh, just down this way, a couple of blocks, you can’t miss it.” grey tree trunks, wide and block and thousands of feet tall, redwood never felt quite so bold, pulling gravity backwards, middle child syndrome, compensation. bundles of heat, … Read more4/14: “mercy, mercy”