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“You Got Any Better Suggestions?”: Matt Hooper and the Hero’s Journey

This is it, folks. The big time.

I’ve been featured on The Daily Jaws. You can read the whole article there, but here’s my basic pitch: Matt Hooper goes on an ultimate hero’s journey throughout Jaws (the movie, not the book). Take a sneak peek here before you click the link:

There’s the arrogant old sailor, a salted relic struggling to right the wrongs done to his comrades decades before. There’s the terrified new chief, a green aquaphobe trying to defend the island he’s only just started to call home. And then there’s Matt Hooper, the young, raw oceanographer, a shark-loving underdog who proves himself to have the least expected hero’s journey in the film. In a story full of tension, emotion, and well-delivered tales of torpedoed ships, Hooper rolls in with the full and unanticipated monomyth.

You can read the full, unadulterated essay here at the Daily Jaws!

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